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Most of the communication between us and our clients is done by telephone and e-mail, so our clients could be based anywhere. If you prefer to have at least one face-to-face meeting, bear in mind that we are in Leamington Spa in Warwickshire.

Our usual approach is:

1. Establish the aim and the content
We will start by discussing with you what you want the website to do - who your target website visitors are and what you want them to find out or be able to do while they're looking through your site. What action do you want them to take after they've visited your site? We'll ask which existing websites you particularly like and which you don't like, to get a feel for the sort of site you'll want for yourself. If you have an existing 'branding' or image we'll want to see that, so we can fit the website design around it. We'll agree with you what colours and styles you prefer, what images you have or want, what pages you want and what should go on each page.

2. Agree a design
From all the information above, we will prepare a draft design for a sample page (or two or three designs, depending on the complexity of the site). Ths is usually, but not always, the home page. We'll post this on a private part of our own site, so that you can review it on-line. The first draft is very much for discussion, to see if we're interpreting your ideas and needs correctly. We'll amend this until you're happy.

3. Sort out the content in detail
While we're doing this, you will need to be sorting out the words you want on each page, which you can send as Word documents or simply copied into an e-mail. We can offer you some help with this, but you know your business better than we do, so you know what you want to promote and how you want it to come across. We will always proof-read all text and amend any errors we find. You will also need to provide the images you want us to use, unless you are asking us to create new images for you. We can handle images in any digital image format (e.g. JPEG, TIFF, PNG) or as original photographs which we will scan. If we are taking photographs for you, we will need to do so at this stage.

4. Select and register a domain name
We will help you to select a domain name (the website name) that will work for you, if you don't already have one. We'll register it for you so that you become the owner. Domain names have to be re-registered (for a small fee - between £2 and £20) every two years. Reminder e-mails will be automatically sent to you when the registration becomes due. Once the domain name has been purchased, we can post a holding page for you if you want, just to establish a presence on the internet. This means you can start using the domain name on your letterhead, advertising and so on, without worrying about when the site will go live.

5. Build the site
Once the design has been agreed, we'll build the rest of the site, including all the photographs, text and graphics. Again, we will post this to a private space, so that you can check the site before it goes live.

6. Arrange web-hosting
Your website needs to be hosted somewhere on the internet. We will arrange this for you if required (we do this for almost all of our clients), and set up e-mail addresses. We will post your site to this host space, using your domain name, once the whole site has been agreed.

7. Register with directories and search engine
If you want us to, we can register your site with the major search engines and directories. There is no guarantee of a quick appearance on search engines, though. Most companies reckon on a 6 to 8 week wait before a site appears on Google, for example. The fastest we've known was four days, but that was very much the exception. The more good quality sites that provide a link to your new site, the better. You are guaranteed a link from our own site, but you also need to investigate other options, such as local business (or music) directories and major sites such as You can register with most of these directly. Some require reciprocal links, which we can build in for you, but many do not.


Contact us for more information or for a chat about your requirements.

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