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Coming soon - all the albums recorded by Rack and Ruin. If you'd like a copy of "Gone To.." which is the current album from Rack and Ruin just contact Chris at dMusic on 01926 431535.

CDs recorded by Firedaze are available to buy here via PayPal, using the Shopping Cart provided below. All the recorded CDs of Firedaze and Dead After Dark and are also currently available via mail-order from D Music.

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  Firedaze: For more info: click here  
  "Ever After Land" CD album 2014   
DeAD CD020
Ever After Land album cover
What I See, Angels With Broken Wings, Travellin', Drink!, Long Time Dead, Friends Like These, Da, Dirty, Emma's Waltz, Apathy, A Long Time Dead

"There is a theory that the popularity of folk-rock is a cyclical phenomenon and that right now it's on the up. Into this milieu comes Firedaze's second album. Of course, Firedaze don't label themselves folk-rock but they don't label themselves with their full names either.
Firedaze is Jen, Steff and String. They write songs, record in String's studio and release their albums and records by their previous band, Dead After Dark, on their own label. Their influences include Irish Traditional (Travellin' has a chorus perfectly based on an Irish figure), rock, blues and jazz and something that once might have been klezmer. The key instrument is Jen's fiddle which soars over the songs. String's melodic bass playing and Steff's guitar form the foundation but the band is actively looking for a drummer, which may give her more freedom.
My top tracks are 'What I See', 'Long Time Dead', the aforementioned 'Travellin'' and the almost instrumental 'Drink' but there's enough variety here that you can find your own favourites".

Dai Jefferies - R2 Magazine (formerly Rock and Reel)

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  "Triality Squared" CD album 2012 - remastered plus a new song  
DeAD CD018
End of the Light,
Too Smart,Too Soon,
Lay Me Down,
If Not Now When?, Coming Home, My Turn, You Are, Cheers Will,
Remembrance Sunday / Fighting For Strangers,
Gaia (Big Mix)

"Firedaze recognise no boundaries of definition and clearly benefit from that view. ... hear them once and that thumping throbbing drum sequence and bass drive, enriched with rocky folk-fiddle groove will stay in your head.
It's music for dancing, music for dreaming - ... Firedaze take multiple musical threads to create a tapestry of 21st Century folk."


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  "Triality" CD album 2007- £ 6.50 Special Offer only a few left!  
DeAD CD012
£ 6.50
If Not Now, When (Nyt Mix),
Coming Home,
End of the Light (Millennium Mix),
Too Smart, Too Soon,
Lay Me Down,
Fever (Right Mix),
My Turn (Fresh Mix),
Cheers, Will (Cadenza Mix),
Remembrance Sunday / Fighting For Strangers (Radio Mix),
Gaia (2007 Re-mix)

"There's a willingness to surprise and step outside the box musically on tracks such as the insistent 'MyTurn' and the distinctive pleading opener 'If Not Now, When'. They're at their best though, when they play to their strengths as the stand out track, 'Coming Home', built around a pulsating bass line and infectious fiddle riff, shows." (Rock'n'Reel, Vol 2 No.7)

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  "Coming Home" CD e.p. 2004  
DeAD CD009
End Of The Light,
TooSmart,Too Soon,
Coming Home.
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  "Labyrinthinitis" CD e.p. 2000  
DeAD CD007
If Not Now, When,
My Turn,
Fighting For Strangers,

"Such a diversity of styles in four tracks, trad to techno. Excellent decision to record 'Fighting For Strangers'." (Andy Westerman)

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  "My Turn" CD e.p. 2000  
DeAD CD006
End of the Light,
My Turn,
If Not Now, When,
You Are.

Review from compilation CD with 17 other bands: "FIREDAZE 'End of the Light', brisk, folksy, with impressive fiddle playing ... just about the best track on the CD". (Mick Capewell, Zabadak, issue 17)

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  "The Road" CD e.p. 1999  
DeAD CD005
The Road - 4 re-mixes order form  
  "Firedaze" CD e.p. 1999  

DeAD CD004

End of the Light,
You Are,
The Road,
Sands of Time

"Firedaze were born, phoenix-like, from uncompromising roots rockers Dead After Dark. Their debut self-titled four-track CD demonstrates, as before, their on-going quest for self-development, utilising as they do a variety of influences. The amalgam of post-punk influences and rootsy fiddles, alongside abrasive guitars and contemporary dance programming, makes for an invigorating listening experience." (Rock'n'Reel Issue 33)

"Firedaze is a name which is new to me. Their vocals are upfront and demand attention. The accompaniment is on guitar and bass, with occasional and fairly minimalist fiddle, but the programmed effects are the most important, and startling, part of the backing. I'm not sure what to make of this record, and I don't know how to classify the music. I found the lyrics disturbing - no bad thing - but ... with the constant repetition of both words and musical phrases... it would be much better to experience this music in a club than in my living room." (Musician, Dec 1999)

"Super stuff ... hopefully our listening audience will dig it as much as I did." (Tom Dean, Assistant Music Director, WOUI Radio, Chicago, 1999)

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  Dead After Dark: For more info: click here.  
  "See" CD e.p. 1998  

DeAD CD002

Cheers Will,
You Don't See Me Anymore,
The Last Millennium.

"Dead After Dark are now a three-piece ... Steff Hutchinson has a very powerful voice and along with String and Holi Bush has yet again produced some very strong songs indeed. ...i f you are into roots rock/folk rock then this is a band you definitely should know about." (Feedback: Mensa Magazine: England: Kevin Rowland, 1998)

"Offering an original and unique fusion of folk/psych and post-punk stylings, what sets them apart is their ability, perhaps, desire to never sit comfortably in any pigeonhole, instead firing off into different musical areas at will. "See" is easily their most assured and strong recording to date, overflowing with panache and real spirit." (Rock 'n' Reel: issue 25: England: Sean McGhee,1998)

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  "No Time To Waste" CD album 1995  

DeAD CD001

Never Joined The Party,
End of The Light,
Feeding The Hand,
Lay Me Down,
Too Smart Too Soon,
My Maker's Gonna Meet Me,
Anger Growing,
The Brewery,
Then We Die.

"Opening their debut album with "Never Joined the Party" is an inspired move, powering in like a rougher Chumbawamba, complete with new wave flavourings and a penchant for instrumental interchange. "Apathy" has equal amounts of imagination and bluster as it builds to a suitably epic climax, with fiddle adding melodic suspense throughout. Numbers like "Feeding the Hand" and "Too Smart, Too Soon" are undeniably well constructed that offer much for the future of the band.... And with a song book as strong as is demonstrated here there's bound to be much to look forward to in the future, and with a vocalist with the strength and charisma of Steff Hutchinson they'll surely catch the ears of all but the most blinkered musically." (Rock 'n' Reel: issue 22: England: Sean McGhee, 1996)

"Steff Hutchinson (vocals and guitar) and Chris Radley (bass) were founder members of D.A.D. .. This album was released last year, and they've been building on it by touring in the UK and Finland (where they have quite a following). Songs are the order of the day, but as to classifying them, that is something of another matter. Roots rockers, they've also been described as "anarcho-folkers", "alternative rock", and "melodic folk/rock"... The important thing to consider is whether the CD is enjoyable, and the answer to that has to be a resounding yes. They seem to enjoy playing and as I said in my recent TUT review I get the impression that they are extremely strong live. This is not to say the CD is lacking, far from it, but that the songs seem geared to a live environment. The songs are full of social and political comment, and very powerful." (Feedback: Mensa Magazine: England: Kevin Rowland, 1997)

"Dead After Dark have the advantage of not immediately bringing easy comparisons to hand, with a sound rich in inventive melody lines, and a vocalist, Steff, who displays a swagger and directness that comes from knowing you're something pretty special. Musically they dip a knowing toe in punk's intelligent wing, folk's melodic department, and seventies classic rock, and inject the whole thing with a strength and drive that is at once effective and attractive." (Rock 'n' Reel: issue 20: England: Sean McGhee (reviewing 4 cassette version), 1994)

"The lyrics of Apathy are a harsh indictment of the loser attitude, from a gutsy lady called Steff, who fronts an electric folk outfit that leans in the rock direction. Brewery is a story about privilege wasted. Musically it's a romp and though she seems to be having fun, it's a serious song handled with passion. I'd like to see this band live ... the band sound like winners, should be playing Cropredy." (National Band Register: England: Pete Whitehead, 1994)

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